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Burren Global Arbitrage Feeder Fund

The Burren Global Arbitrage Feeder Fund, a sub-fund of Burren Global Feeder ICAV, focuses on global equity, hard catalyst event-driven and special situation opportunities with cheap embedded optionality. The investment style is opportunistic and exploits pockets of market inefficiencies. It does not rely on one particular part of an economic cycle or “hot” sector, but instead four specific investment strategies; pure arbitrage, tender arbitrage, relative value and merger arbitrage, which complement each other in order to provide an overall low volatility risk adjusted return.

The investment process is a rigorous five step procedure which ensures the capture, isolation, risk management and exploitation of all events which fall into the investment mandate. Combined with sophisticated fund management the manager is able to produce exceptional risk adjusted returns throughout every part of the economic cycle.

The fund is managed by Burren Capital Advisor’s high calibre entrepreneurial team, operating off a solid and scalable infrastructure with robust risk management.


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